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  • Chai Club

    What is the Chai Club?
  • The word Chai means life. By becoming a partner in the Chai Club you become the life of the community's long term survival and growth.

    Chai= 18. Chai club members commit to a monthly donation in a multiple of 18. These monthly donations add up and make a great difference in covering our operational budget. Your Chai Club commitment will continue benefiting you, your family and our community forever, 

     Give Chai, Get Chai! 

    Rabbi Nissi and Chanie Gansbourg 

    P.S. In the event that you want to make a change or stop to this service, please contact us and it will be taken care of immediately. 

  • Chai Club monthly Giving amounts:

    $1800 - High Chai | $770 - Chabad | $613 - Mitzvos 

    $360 - double Chai | $180- LeChaim

    $108 - Chai | $72 - Tzedakah |  $54- Mitzvah

    $36 - Mentch | $18 - Good Deed 

  • We accept all major Credit cards ;Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. 

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