Chabad of Old Montreal is dedicated to serving all Jews whether they are working, touring or living here, with Ahavat Yisrael – an unconditional love and concern for every Jew, regardless of background and affliation.


Its multiple programs provide the education to promote Jewish knowledge and awareness and the means to practice and experience our Jewish heritage.


It encourages every positive action on the part of every Jew and facilitates the efforts of every organization, synagogue or group to increase Jewish study and observance.


Chabad Offerings:


Adult Education                                      



Mitzvah Campaign

Holiday Programs                 

Study Groups


Shabbat Services         

Yartzeit Observance


Chabad Directors:

Chabad of Old Montreal is directed by Rabbi Nissi and Chanie Gansbourg.

Chabad is inspired by the vision of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and guided through his teachings.

Chabad of Old Montreal is one of 3,300 Chabad institutions worldwide - and is an affiliate of Chabad Lubavitch Youth Organization.

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