The Right to Know


The Midrash tells us “G‑d looked in the Torah and created the world”. In effect the Torah was the blueprint G‑d consulted when He created His masterpiece.

If this is true for the Creator, how much more so for mankind.

Indeed, the Torah is a means, not just an ends. It is a guide, a blueprint, a set of detailed plans which enable and empower the individual Jew to take control over the quality of his or her life.

At Chabad we apply this holistic approach to adult learning. The academic discipline and rigor is there. But we never lose sight of the fact Torah study: enhances our understanding of ourselves; to define our relationship to G‑d, community, family; to broaden and deepen the dimensions of spirituality and profound joy that empower us to be the best we can be.

Torah is not a book of do’s and don’ts. It is more than an ethical treatise, and much more than a laundry list of what is kosher and what isn’t.

The Torah is the manual which enables us to understand the secret of our survival, to repair our lives and the lives of our children, to build new Jewish life everywhere, and to guide the world toward better days.

At Chabad, questioning is encouraged, doubters are welcome, cynicism is understood. The environment is open, embracing, intellectually honest and spiritually challenging.

You owe it to yourself to put the Torah to work for you. We’ll be happy to help.

Courses of Study:

The Weekly Torah Portion : Spiritual Insights

Talmud: The Ultimate Dialectic

Jewish Law: How and why, not do and don’t

The Spiritual Journey: Kabbalah and Chassidism

Pathways in Chassidic Thought: Nature, Purpose, Mission

Themes and Topics in Halacha: Shabbat, Kashruth, Tzedakah

Not by Faith Alone: Feeling and Action in Judaism

Maimonides: The Present and Future of Halacha

Judaism: A Chassidic Perspective on Major Issues

Divine Providence: G‑d’s Hand in Human History

The choice of Jewish topic, text & time is all up to you!!

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